Handmade in Scotland

Crafted using only the finest premium ingredients.

Our Story

STUARTS is a men’s grooming brand based in the picturesque village of Aboyne, on the edge of the highlands of Scotland. As father and son, we are dedicated to crafting quality products that capture the spirit of our native Scotland.

We carefully produce artisan handmade men’s grooming products in small batches using only the finest organic, virgin, cold-pressed oils and butters and marry them to our own different blends of locally sourced fragrance oils to create products that smell and feel like no other. Our scents capture images of Scotland, from a windswept shoreline to a peaty whisky by the fireside.

All of our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and Fairtrade sourced where possible. They are independently tested and approved to meet all UK and European cosmetic safety standards.